Open world MMORPG Noah’s Heart is Archosaur’s Sword Art Online

MMORPG Noah's Heart

Archosaur Games is following up on the hugely successful MMORPG Dragon Raja with Noah's Heart. This is another open world MMO that is likely to push the limits of the genre for mobile devices. Despite looking like a mix of fantasy and steampunk, the MMORPG Noah's Heart goes much farther than that, using a plot device somewhat close to the one seen in Sword Art Online. Players enter a realistic virtual world called Noah, which was designed by a cryptic entity simply known as Cube. Among many adventures and epic confrontations, you must discover the secrets of this world and ultimately determine the future of mankind.

The open world in Noah's Heart is created using Unreal Engine 4 and a Procedural Content Generator to realize the vast and seamless regions that you can explore. You can use mounts to travel around, including an airship to travel to distant regions, a train-line with over 10 kilometers of railway routes connecting several major cities, and 20 docks where you can use a ship to navigate to distant islands. However, you can also climb to the summit of a mountain by using your hands alone.

MMORPG Noah's Heart open world

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The world in Noah's Heart is introduced as a revolution for the genre. Described as a “spherical continuous large map,” it is meant to deliver more realistic visuals that offer a brand new experience when compared to the traditional flat maps. Currently offering a sprawling 64 million square meters, you can travel the world starting from a certain point and walk around the planet, returning to the starting point, under certain circumstances.

A day and night cycle will bring visible change to the world, which is divided into seven different biomes, and different climate and weather also contribute to distinct looks and actions. This is a game mechanic that is visible in Dragon Raja, where in-game times and weather effects affect the routine of NPCs and the availability of some quests and side missions.

There are no predefined classes in Noah's Heart. You can choose your own path by focusing on the weapons and skills that you prefer, avoiding the pitfalls of the genre.

In China, pre-registrations for the Noah's Heart closed beta are open from June 27 to July 1, 2020. A global release is planned, and the English Facebook page is already available.

The Noah's Heart release date is set for 2021 on Android and iOS devices.


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