Peria Chronicles obstacles surpassed, development continues

Peria Chronicles beta

Good news, everyone! It looks like the “begin from the start” bit from the latest Peria Chronicles update was nothing more than a translation oversight, as the original Korean announcement from developer Thingsoft wasn't very easy to understand at times. What seems to be happening is that the studio had this “enormous challenge” and “unbelievable objective” (building the core architecture) and managed to surpass it (thanks Steparu).

You can read the translation of the full Peria Chronicles update right below (thanks World Wide Game Watchers):

It is a pleasure to finally have the chance to say hi through our official facebook page. Peria Chronicles was first announced in 2012 and we had a couple communications afterward. But with news having been on hold for a while now, we see that many are wondering on the status of the project.

Development was kept under progress, of course, but we also did run into difficulties on the way. MMORPG development naturally has many challenges but, for Peria Chronicles, the biggest challenge was designing its core architecture. On the outside, the game might just look like a MMORPG with Minecraft, Simcity, and KOEI Three Kingdoms (AFK:popular tactical simulator) elements put together. But the game we are aiming to make is a cartoon-rendered game where players can build their own towns along with the economy and social system that supports those towns, code their own devices NPCs and quests inside dungeons, auto-generate most quests in towns and fields, and have all this operated by an AI with our own engine. Oh, and it goes without saying that players should be able to make their own user interface.

As can be expected, we were faced with an enormous challenge and some developers were dismayed with the unbelievable objective.

Yet we have been able to finish building the core architecture.

The most challenging aspect was writing the logic (rules for the in-game world). The difficult part was that we had to give players out-reaching authorization that goes beyond what they’re usually given in a typical MMORPG.

After a long process of research we, the Peria Chronicles development team, were able to find a unique way to give players the ability to make their own logic and apply it to the in-game world while ensuring that they don’t become gods.

This is where everything started.

We tried to create a ‘social system’ where we distribute power to players that gives them partial authority to change the world, and the system will have players keep each other in check or cooperate with each other through personal and social contracts.

In Peria Chronicles players will spend time improving their user-interface and building their own dungeons like how players in other games will grind fields and do gathering. As for assembling and crafting items, which we expect players will have the most difficulty with, we are making a guide that will teach the details and provide examples so that players will be able to make simple things like chat windows and town announcement boards within minutes.

We believe that a MMORPG should provide an environment where players can create their own in-game content and have other players enjoy it. (AFK:The writing in this sentence is really confusing so I had to do some guessing) So if player-created content is a subset of the game, the whole game is a subset to the player which is why we believe that at the end of the day, the player needs to find a way to ‘make’ the game themselves. And in order to realize that belief we needed a world that isn’t a static pre-created one but one that is ever-changing and endlessly expanding. In other words, the world was designed to be a platform that can be expanded by integrating player-created content. Currently, we have the world developed up to the point of being able to auto-generate and run simple scenarios and dungeons. On release we should be able to reach the point where quests that conforms to the lore can be created.

It is through these brainstorming, research, and challenges that we have been able to slowly but steadily build the world of Peria Chronicles.

We feel deeply sorry for making our fans wait for so long but won’t give up to make sure that your wait will come to fruition.

Thank you for taking the time to read this long post.

-Peria Chronicles Development Team-

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