Peria Chronicles returns, here’s what’s going on… (updated)

Peria Chronicles

[Updated]: It looks like development didn't start from scratch and the obstacles were surpassed. Read more here.

If you've been waiting for Peria Chronicles since it was announced around the Paleolithic Age, then rejoice, as we finally have some news for you. Not long after it's screaming absence from Nexon's latest roadmap, fans were rightfully becoming very worried about this ambitious sandbox anime MMORPG.

Finally, Nexon and developer Thingsoft have updated fans on what is going on (thanks MMOCulture). It looks like Peria Chronicles is still under development, but the team stumbled across many difficulties, something that doesn't sound too strange considering the scope of the game. The good news is that the developers have found a solution to their difficulties, but the bad news is that Peria Chronicles will have to “begin from the start”, which pretty much sounds like the development is going back to square one.

The update also mentions that the revamped Peria Chronicles will continue to focus on players and their tools to create new content in the game world, including editing their own UI. However, at the moment Thingsoft is only working on player-created dungeons, with the open world and town creation aspect apparently left for much, much later on.

Peria Chronicles doesn't sound like the exact same game that we speculated about in 2015, but hopefully the general mechanics will still be a part of the final version.


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