Peria Chronicles reveals Linka, Retrospection Guardian Kirana

We've been expecting some new gameplay footage from Peria Chronicles, but the best we got from Thingsoft is the reveal of a new Kirana (the creatures that will help you in battle), this time one named Linka. In an extensive and curiously English post (we can't think of a reason other than that an English release is planned), the Linka's story is revealed, as well as some of his battle abilities. Get ready for a few minutes of reading, if you can't wait to get your hands on Peria Chronicles – it will take quite a while for that to happen though.


Linka, Retrospection Guardian Kirana
“All of you have always wanted to go back.”
“Turning back time doesn’t mean you could take everything back.”

– Linka's story –

Akasha was the God of Arka, who is full of energy, curiosity, and anticipation. He always craved for new experience that motivated him and there were no hesitation and reluctance in his moves. No matter where he was, Akasha of Creation gave birth to something from his thoughts. And inspired by those creations, he was able to build a colorful and dynamic world.

Then one day, when Akasha looked at the sky, the starlight gently rippled off Akasha’s mind. Akasha was quite surprised to feel such unfamiliar and strange emotions. It was a chance for Akasha to look back on his past way for the first time in his life. The moment when Akasha actually did all of sudden, he was seized by a feeling of longing for what he had missed at the beginning, along with anxiety on whether he might have come too far.

Akasha was supposed to treat all Kiranas fairly and to be remained as a perfect creator in a certain world but the emotion was crushing everything. Akasha ungently took Kirana out of his emotion. The tiny Kirana was dangling and being dragged out of it with a memory bag and Akasha named her, Linka.

Linka was born with the power that enabled him to look back on the past that had already gone. It was the ability that Akasha exactly wanted. He asked Linka to put the time back, instead of him. But there, what Linka saw was nothing but repeated remorse. Repeated retrospection had been gradually hardening Linka’s emotion. Akasha finally found out that he took a blessing of memory away from Linka. Akasha told Linka how sorry he was and peacefully kissed Linka. Maybe, it was the first and last Linka smiled brightly.

– Linka's battle Guide-

Linka has great power that allows the nearby summoned Kiranas to return the initial state and that summons even the marital art type of retreated Kirana. Linka’s Despair Period is like a blessing to the contractors who use a number of Kiranas with marital art skills, while the opponents will apparently fall into despair because of the revival of Kirana. Imagine that Draugr, who has just retreated, is reviving right next to Linka!

But given Linka’s skill is not able to set everything back, you need to make a wise use of Linka’s Despair Period. Using Linka’s Despair Period after the tide has utterly turned may kill your lovely Kiranas twice.


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