Plan 8 is Pearl Abyss and Minh Le’s exosuit MMO shooter

Plan 8

Pearl Abyss has just revealed more details about shooter Project K, starting with the official name. Plan 8 is the chosen moniker, with the Black Desert Online developer creating the shooter in a partnership with Minh Le a.k.a. Gooseman, the creator of Counter-Strike.

Plan 8 is described as an exosuit MMO shooter, a label that instantly brought Crytek's Crysis to mind – hopefully the system requirements at launch won't be as steep as those in Electronic Arts' classic game. Minh Le is working with Seung-ki Lee on production duties; he was the Environment Art Director of Black Desert Online and Black Desert Mobile, and clearly excels at his craft.

This is the first shooter developed by Pearl Abyss, a studio that made its name and fortune on Black Desert Online first, and Black Desert Mobile next. The western release of Black Desert Mobile is happening in the coming months, with players from a few select countries already enjoying the portable MMORPG.

Project K was first revealed in June 2018, with a couple of artworks showing the direction of the game. However, much may have changed in the meantime. The first Plan 8 trailer will be revealed at the same time as the footage for the MMORPG Crimson Desert and the collectible MMORPG DokeV – on November 13 20:00 PST / 23:00 EST. Register on the official site if you want to keep up to date.

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