Pokémon-like Moonrise enters early access on May 27

Moonrise is the upcoming game from Undead Labs, makers of the pretty cool survival horror game State of Decay. With the second game comes a complete change of direction, from a gritty, mature world onto a more colorful and cartoonish universe. Moonrise is an action/adventure MMORPG where you'll control a Warden tasked with battling savage Lunari creatures, which in fact are Solari transformed by the moonrise. You'll have to cure the Lunari and recruit them to your team, customizing your Solari and exploring dungeons to find the most rare creatures.

Sounds like Pokémon, right? This is a good thing though, seeing that the game is shaping up to be cute and looks like it has some depth to it, especially seeing that the real-time combat will truly require some skill.

Moonrise is in closed beta since March 2015 and is coming to Steam early access on May 27 for PC and Mac, in two bundles priced at $14.99 and $19.99. Each bundle includes exclusive Early Access content and a variety of in-game items.

Here's the latest Moonrise trailer.

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  • ShadowFang

    I am definitely intrigued here!

    I never understood why nobody has put forth a real Pokemon competitor in such a long while. I mean, Disney had a real shot to do it with their Spectrobes games, which were all quality RPGs from developers who made other quality RPG’s like Jade Cocoon and The World Ends with You — too bad they never actually, y’know, marketed them at all. But beyond that? Haven’t seen Pokemon competitors since the early days of Pokemon, where Digimon and Monster Rancher stood heads and shoulders above stuff like Dragon Quest Monsters, Medabots, DemiKids or Robopon (or more forgettable brands). Western companies NEVER seemed to want to compete here – really, it was baffling.

    Especially in the MMO/online game space! People have always said, “They really need to make a Pokemon MMO”, and then… no one ever decided, “If Nintendo won’t, WE WILL!”. Why didn’t SOE do that kind of thing when they were making kids’ online games like Free Realms and Clone Wars Adventures? Why hasn’t King’s Isle? Wizards101, Pirates101… really, the lack of a “Monsters101” is just baffling. Or, like, “Dinosaurs101”, you know.

    Undead Labs seems like a weird developer to tackle it (they should seriously change their name if they’re going to make more than zombie games), but it definitely looks like they’re putting together a quality project!

    Seriously, I’m intrigued. I love the concepts of Pokemon, but I frequently find myself attracted to the art designs & storytelling of competitors’ products. And of course, I wish they weren’t always on handhelds. And had serious online components. Basically, I really want this to come together – this could be something really cool that really fills a void. The game looks good; the monster designs are alien & fantastic and really neat, and the world looks similar to something like BitMonster’s Lili; it’s pretty attractive. Those characters desperately need style – any style – but overall, there’s nothing but promise here.

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    • You really should begin writing some opinion articles for us. With a few twists here and there, you could write some great opinion pieces.

      If you want to give it a shot, e-mail us 🙂

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  • srw4rawe4aw

    This looks interesting.
    But by the looks of it could be made p2w into oblivion, need to tread carefully.

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  • Sniffild

    Any news on Peria Chronicles?

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