Shooting with portals: Eira: The Void Witch is now playable in Vindictus

Eira playable Vindictus

Eira: The Void Witch just made her appearance in Vindictus today. The latest character to join DevCat's action combat MMORPG has a thing for portals, allowing her to execute some surprising moves.

Eira is the 14th playable character in Vindictus and Arisha: The Silver Witch's younger sister. Eira's revolver mastery is greatly improved by her ability to open portals to evade and attack from anywhere, while being invincible and able to pass through enemies in this condition.

MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries

The Eira Growth Event is here to celebrate Eira's launch. Until June 4 you can earn rewards every ten levels (or close, as level 95 also gets you a gift) from level 30 up to level 100.


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