Project TL is the Lineage Eternal revamp you didn’t know was happening

Lineage Eternal revamp project tl

If you were expecting Lineage Eternal anytime soon, you probably didn't read our news from August 2017. Go on, I'll wait while you read it.

Back already? Well, apparently the switch to Unreal Engine 4 wasn't the only thing happening, as the development team was also changed earlier this year. NCsoft has just revealed the revamped Lineage Eternal, and the game is now taking a path closer to Lost Ark, if the trailer below is something to go by.

Reintroduced as Project TL, this revamp ditches the multi-character system previously introduced in Lineage Eternal and in its place we have a traditional class-based system. Currently there are five playable classes. NCsoft stresses that the game is going in a completely different direction and is pretty much a new project, with most of the assets being replaced.

While the Project TL trailer below is supposedly showing some gameplay, I'm inclined to think that most of it is pre-rendered, or at least “re-purposed” with some visual effects to look as it does. We'll see what a real gameplay trailer looks like. The closed beta is scheduled for 2018.

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