Rabbids Coding is a free Ubisoft game where you learn code as you play

Rabbids Coding

While Ubisoft may be about to drop a big announcement with Far Cry Frenzy, today we're getting another kind of frenzy: a coding one. Rabbids Coding.

The mischievous Rabbids return in a puzzle game, but one that is aimed at younger players from the age of seven onwards, although adults can also enjoy it – I know that it looks good enough for me to give it a spin. Rabbids Coding is described as an educational game where you use blocks of code to give the Rabbids instructions across 32 levels.

Each level offers a challenge where you have to take your Rabbids to the exit, a washing machine, by assembling blocks of code with instructions such as move forward, turn left, and hit. These are simple mechanics that won't turn anyone into the next John Carmack, but it works perfectly as a fun and free tool that youngsters can enjoy while they learn.

You can download Rabbids Coding for free from Ubisoft's website.


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