Ragnarok Origin aims to recreate Ragnarok Online on mobile

Ragnarok Origin

Ragnarok Origin is another Ragnarok game that Gravity is going to show at G-Star 2019. While PC players may feel inclined toward Ragnarok Crusade: Midgard Chronicles, longtime fans of the series surely have a soft spot for anything related to the original game.

With Ragnarok M Eternal Love released this year in North America, it's unclear if Gravity itself knows how many games on the franchise it has developed until now. Just as that game, Ragnarok Origin is meant to capture the original spirit of the original Ragnarok Online, but with enhanced gameplay and upgraded graphics.

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Ragnarok Origin is described as “one of Gravity’s biggest games in 2020,” although it's unclear if the Korean developer has any plans for a global release.

The official trailer below is exclusively comprised of CGI animations, with no gameplay in sight. However, you can see a couple of  images to get a good picture of how the game looks.

Ragnarok Origin Ragnarok Origin

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