Revelation Online Safe Haven update adds housing on top of a giant turtle

Revelation Online Safe Haven update

The upcoming Revelation Online Safe Haven update arrives on July 26 and is going to add housing to this fantasy MMORPG, as well as the Archeology system. Housing, or the apartment feature as it is called, allows you to own an apartment on top of a giant turtle. We've talked about the housing system before and's intention was to add it shortly after Revelation Online entered open beta, so it's all going according to plan.

After you reach level 40 you'll be able to buy your own private property (choosing from small, medium and large sizes) that you can decorate with over 160 items. Each floor has nine rooms, which means that you can have eight neighbors and you can give a copy of your apartment key to five of your friends. Some items are interactive for you and for your guests, but the full functionality is limited to you and your spouse. As for the Archeology system, this is a way to learn more about the lore of Nuanor by discovering the secrets of its landmarks.

You can read more about the apartment system as you wait for the Revelation Online Safe Haven update to land on July 26.


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