Ready, Set, Boom! Nexon’s Rocket Arena closed beta is now live

Rocket Arena closed beta live

Nexon and Final Strike Games' Rocket Arena was announced just a couple of weeks ago and it's already in closed beta. If you signed up at the official website it is very likely that you got a key for this beta.

Getting into the Rocket Arena beta comes with a few perks that you can find in your account: the Pulsar Megablast and Plasma Return Trail cosmetic items.

This first Rocket Arena closed beta ends on May 29 and the game is only available for 12 hours during the first two days. From May 25 to May 29 the servers are open at all times. You can check the entire times here.

The closed beta will feature six characters and six very different environments. You can play in four game modes: Knockout (knock your opponents out of the arena three times), Rocketball (score goals with the Rocketball), Mega Rocket (create capture zones with the Mega Rockets and protect them) and RocketBot Attack (co-op mode versus AI-controlled RocketBots).

Rocket Arena is a 3v3 cartoon shooter that looks pretty cool and hopefully will play as good as it looks. If you're in the beta let me know what you think of it and if it has any chance of competing with other shooters such as Paladins or… Fortnite Battle Royale (why not?)


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