The Cycle is opening up weekly playtests starting Friday

The Cycle weekly playtests

YAGER is taking the competitive quest shooter The Cycle to the next… er… cycle. Starting this Friday, April 12, the game will be open every Friday for a few hours (except on bank holidays, when the playtest is brought forward to Thursday).

Being an exclusive Epic Games Store game, The Cycle's playtests require an alpha key for this release. The exact time for this Friday is the following: 5 PM CEST (4 PM GMT/11 AM EST).

Bugs are to be expected as these versions won't be as thoroughly tested as the ones available during the technical alpha. There is no NDA – it was lifted about six months ago and we already did a nice first impressions video on The Cycle. Spoiler alert: it's a pretty fun game.

The weekly playtests mark the debut of the progression system. No more unlocking blueprints and crafting everything you want for free; now you have to earn resources and gain the right to unlock new stuff.

Take a look at the developer video with Executive Producer Jonathan Lindsey talking about the new phase for The Cycle.


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