Sky: Children of the Light trailers show the power of friendship, Android pre-registrations open

Sky: Children of the Light trailers

The recent iOS release of Sky: Children of the Light made many fans happy. The relaxing and wonderful gameplay won't stay exclusive to the Apple device though – thatgamecompany's title is coming to other platforms soon. A few new Sky: Children of the Light trailers were released alongside the announcement.

Android is the next platform to welcome Sky: Children of the Light, although the release date is yet to be revealed.. Android pre-registrations are now open and, just as it happens with the iOS version, it will be free to download – it wouldn't make sense otherwise. Sky: Children of the Light is also coming to PC, console and other Apple devices, but there is no release window for now.

If you still don't know what Sky: Children of the Light is, you are missing on one of the greatest experiences of the year. This spiritual sequel to Journey is another magnificent adventure with a bigger focus on the social aspect. You can play with up to seven friends and solve puzzles together. Friendship is a huge topic in this game, as one of the videos below will tell you. You can even play hide and seek or play music with a few instruments such as piano, harp, bass or drums – one of the videos shows a few seconds of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, but this player-created cover of Fly Me to the Moon is a much better example of this feature's potential.

Oddly enough, Sky: Children of the Light seems to contain some scenes of “Intense Horror” as well as “Fear Themes”. It's the 12+ rating that was attributed to the game that says so, and I'm guessing that it's due to some horrific creatures who aren't big fans of magic and friendship. I might be wrong, so if anyone has already experienced these “intense horrors”, feel free to let me know.

Sky: Children of the Light is already touching the hearts of many players. I don't know if it will be game of the year material, but it surely deserves a shot at it. Watch the Sky: Children of the Light trailers below to see just how wonderful it looks.

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