Skyforge Battle Royale mode is coming late August on PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Skyforge Battle Royale mode

Contrary to what we might have thought initially, quite a few MMORPGs are trying to take a bite out of the delicious Battle Royale cake. We've had MapleStory 2, Moonlight Blade and now it's the sci-fi fantasy MMORPG Skyforge that is getting a Battle Royale mode.

Players will be able to dive straight into this game mode right from the starting screen, without the need to have progress on any Skyforge character. There are over 12 unique heroes to choose from, including the Engineer and the Faceless – apparently, these heroes are new and not the ones from the original Skyforge MMORPG. You can fight other players but monsters as well, and you should as these provide much-desired loot including armor, weapons, gadgets and traps.

The Skyforge Battle Royale mode will be available for free on August 28 (PC), August 29 (PS4) and August 30 (Xbox One), but you can preorder starting August 17 if you want some extra goodies.

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