Smilegate expands Epic Seven with the launch of an European server

Epic Seven European server

Epic Seven is one of Smilegate's most popular mobile games and it is expanding even further. Epic Seven was previously available in Asian, Korean and Global servers.

The release of the Europe server and additional language options are going to open the game to more players. Epic Seven is now available in German, French, Spanish, and Portuguese languages.

A few additional tweaks and new content are coming with the update. A new strengthening content, Adventurer’s Path, allows players to select quests and earn rewards to increase their hero's strength.

The difficulty level of certain high-level content from the main storyline was lowered and a help button was added to provide some helpful tips for new players.

As part of the European server opening celebration, the new event Baal & Sezan’s Magic Dice Event will run until June 12, 2019. You can roll the dice after completing daily missions to earn rewards such as Mega-Phantasma and Covenant Bookmarks.

You can check the official Epic Seven website for more info on this game. Smilegate is the developer of Cross Fire and Lost Ark as well, two of the most successful games in the Asian market.


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