Soul Worker: new trailers and gameplay info

Soulworker Lilly

Just as it was teased yesterday, Soul Worker is going to launch later this year in Japan and publisher Hangame has opened the official website for this game, featuring some new info and a bunch of short trailers which you can see in the end of this post. As we already mentioned, the closed beta is going to be limited to 999 players and since the Japanese Soul Worker website is blocked to anyone outside of Japan, it's highly likely that the game has an IP block too.

Soul Worker runs on the Havok Vision Engine and as it was expected, there were some improvements since the second trailer was shown in 2014. The combat system was improved and major attention was placed on the aerial combos, for example – you don't just mash buttons, you can chain different moves to create diverse combos. Gamepad control is going to be supported, but is still not implemented.

With all the attention falling on the shoulders of three classes/characters (Mist Scythe, Soulum Sword and GunJazz), it was somewhat to be expected that the game would launch with just these characters. It is now made official, and we also got to know the true names of the girls and boy: Lily Bloomerchen is Mist Scythe, Haru Estia is Soulum Sword and Erwin Arclight is GunJazz. No need to say that the alias reflect the kind of weapon that each character will be using.

Despite the accomplished look of the characters seen in the previous trailer, Japan is known for its great love of anime and publisher Hangame asked for a few slight changes to the characters, to make them better reflect the Japanese culture. Although the changes aren't noticeable for most of us, this one example below shows just how the angry Soulum Sword has been turned into a much more friendly, likeable character.


Soul Worker isn't going to be open world; instead we have the usual hubs or towns that lead into instanced maps. The same thing goes for the PvP, also instanced.

One good surprise was the room system which players can customize. There's no word on the consequences of this customization, how it affects gameplay, but it's surely a nice thing for Japanese players. Certainly not as deep as the one we have in MapleStory 2, but it could turn out to be a nice distraction from all the action that the game provides.

Soul-Worker-Room-Customization-1 Soul-Worker-Room-Customization-2

In the end, it's nice to see Soul Worker back and so close to beta, but we didn't get any news on an English release. We do know the game is coming to Korea thanks to Sega.


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