Soul Worker Online western release confirmed, publisher is…

This time it's no April Fools! Soul Worker, the exciting anime action MMORPG from Lion Games that was just released in Japan is actually getting a western release, which means North America and Europe at the very least, and possibly other regions to come later, but that is uncertain. The western publisher is German studio Gameforge, known for Orcs Must Die! Unchained and the European versions of Aion and TERA, among others. [Insert your “oh no, not Gameforge” comment here]

While the Business Partners section on the official Lion Games website was updated to remove the regions from the respective publishers, we know that Soul Worker is published in China by Shanda Games, Japan by NHN Hangame, Taiwan by Gameflier and Korea by Sega Korea. Gameforge joins the team with “North America” appearing right next to it, but the European release is also pretty much a certainty. And if you need more proof, there's the domain registration by Gameforge since January 2016 – we can't believe this escaped us for nearly three months!

All in all, fantastic news concerning a game that we were afraid it wouldn't get a global release for some obscure reason. While we have no news on release schedule or anything like that, the official announcement shouldn't take long now. Watch some recent Soul Worker Online videos from the Japanese version to get you in the mood for this stylish game.

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