SoulWorker housing update is live with sprint event

soulworker housing update

The housing update is now live in Gameforge's western version of SoulWorker. Your heroes can finally get a much deserved rest after kicking, punching and scythe-ing all those monsters.

Players can use the housing update as soon as they hit level 10, when they can chill out in their room. The way to do so is to visit Rucco Town and speak with the NPC Glain, who will give you the Carpenter Set as well as access to your new home. This set will get you some items to make furniture. To access your house you can either press H to open up you accommodation menu and click on the top-right button, or use the device called Home Manager located in every town except for Golden Citadel.

To celebrate the new housing, there's the sprint event running from June 7 to June 21, 2018. If you complete the mentioned quests during seven days, you will get a lot of brand new furniture to decorate your house. I'll just mention a few of the prizes included in the event qube: mirror, bed, chair, table, iron bath tub, cabinet, and a lot more, including an entrance door, window, and floor. Well, those are useful, right?

Go build your dream house in SoulWorker right now.

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