SoulWorker adds endgame PvP with the Rift Arena

Soulworker PvP

Are you a SoulWorker expert and you feel ready to take on greater challenges? Then I have great news for you, as Gameforge reveals that the PvP operation Dimension Trip will test your skills in the Rift Arena.

The Rift Arena is only available for players who have reached level 55 and accessible when you are in one of these areas: Rucco Town, Candus City, Grace City or Ruin Fortress. This operation opens three times each day (6 PM, 8 PM and 10 PM) and receives between 4 and 8 players in each match.

But how does the Rift Arena work? It's not a simple PvP arena, as it also mixes PvE elements within its sectors. All players start in one of the eight initial sectors, and as you defeat the monsters, you can enter one of two doors. In the second sector, things begin to heat up, as you can defeat monsters, but also happen to come across another player – if you defeat him, all his points will go to your score, along with an additional 20 points. In sector three, you can expect monsters and up to four players fighting. Finally, in the central sector you can deliver your points in the apparatus, with the battle ending as soon as 3,000 points are reached (the total from you and the other players) or the time limit (10 minutes) expires.

Of course, you'll get a reward based on your performance.

If you still haven't tried SoulWorker give it a go, as it is a pretty fun and visually stunning game.

soulworker pvp

soulworker pvp

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