Gameforge preparing Soulworker website and social channels, translation is hard

Soulworker website

You're probably dying for updates on Soulworker North America and Europe, as we are. So, we decided to let you know where things (and Gameforge) stand right now. While there's no actual official communication for quite some time, we can get some bits of info on the publisher's official Facebook page. One of the latest comments mentioned the following:

“Translation needs much time. As soon as we have news, we will publish it at our channels.”

Yes, translation can be a pain, in case you didn't know about it already. Considering that Gameforge is planning on translating Soulworker Online to the mandatory English, but also to German, French, Italian, Spanish and Polish, to begin with, that translates (pun intended) into quite a lot of work.

Other interesting comment reached us through user Luca aka Marco:

“We are preparing the websites and social channels at the moment. As soon as we can say more, we will publish the news.”

Now that's more like it! The official Soulworker website should be coming soon, and things will probably snowball from there. Our hope lies in Gamescom 2017, taking place in Cologne, Germany (Gameforge's headquarters is also in Germany, wink wink), from August 22 to 26.

Do you think we'll finally know something about the Soulworker Online release in just a few weeks, or we'll have to endure it until the end of the year, more likely?

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  • Tiffania Westwood

    i’m probably gonna be playing both soulworker and closers from en masse unless fail forge screw ups soulworker

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    • Beetelgeuse

      Gameforge had done a decent job with both Aion and Tera, so there are big chances they do well too with Soulworker.

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      • Darko Gajic

        decent job with both aion and tera? i cant say about aion, but tera used to be pay to win beyond freaken belief back in 2014/15, not sure now.

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  • Nelwyn Angeles

    i hope they add lvl’s like from lvl 55 to lvl 100 or more 🙁 its so bored when you already in max lvl you’ll just farm and farm until you ranked up -.-

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