Survarium’s 0.41 update brings Heroes of the Day ranking system

Survarium's 0.41 update has launched and features a variety of improvements and updates, one of the highlights being the Heroes of the Day daily ranking system:

“Compete in one or several of the daily nominations by simply playing the game! Become The Best Player by scoring as many points as possible in a single match. Win in Killstreak or Winstreak nominations by achieving the longest killstreak or winstreak correspondingly. The winners in each of the nomination categories get a unique icon displayed next to their names and a bonus to experience, reputation and silver for the next 24 hours.”

There's also a new renderer developed specifically for older PCs and laptops, so if you don't mind a lower image quality, the performance will be drastically improved. You can check the full patch list here and a video detailing it below.


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