TERA and Closers publisher En Masse Entertainment is closing down

En Masse Entertainment is closing down

Once one of the most prolific publishers of free-to-play online games, En Masse Entertainment is closing down. The news was made public today via official social media, as the publisher of TERA and Closers reveals the process for discontinuing the operations of the studio.

Founded in 2008 and finding big success with the western localization of the Korean MMORPG Tera, En Masse brought other games to North America and Europe. Apart from Closers, none of them was a big hit and it ended up in cancelations. Kritika and Zombies Monsters Robots (ZMR) are two examples.

In the official statement, En Masse reveals that support for TERA and Closers is not going to end, which means that other publishers are likely going to pick up those games. Management is now focused on supporting the team, helping them find new opportunities in the industry.

TERA En Masse Entertainment is closing down

Here is the official En Masse statement:

“Hello everyone,

En Masse Entertainment began more than 11 years ago. We started out as a small team, committed to making the highest quality games that we could. Along the way we built a world-class community, who showed nothing but love for the content and worlds that we created. Because of that support we were able to continue to build games that we are proud of with the best people in the industry.

Today, it is with a heavy heart that we begin the process of discontinuing the business of En Masse Entertainment. Our focus in the coming weeks and months will be on our team, helping them to find new opportunities, and on our games, to ensure a seamless transition for you.

If you are in the industry and are looking for the best talent, please email Eme.hr@krafton.com.

For those of you that are interested in Tera or Closers, there will be news in the coming weeks. Rest assured, support for those titles will continue.

Your Friends at EME”

For all of those involved, we can only wish the best of luck. It's always sad when a studio is forced to shut down, even more when it's a name that made so many players happy over the years.


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