TERA’s Demon’s Wheel update is live and it’s devilish

tera demon's wheel

A new update for TERA has just landed and it's a devilish one. The Demon's Wheel update adds the titular dungeon to this action MMORPG, a 5-player dungeon for players of minimum level 65 and minimum item level 423. Here is what the lore tells us:

“Once you reach item level 423, you receive notice about a shanty town outside Allemantheia, which is making the high elf elders nervous. In the makeshift town, you discover all the adults have abandoned their families and livelihoods, seeking their fortune within the Demon's Wheel. To break their addiction to the games of fortune within, you must gamble with two very tricky bosses.”

The bosses in question are Bandersnatch and Demoros. Here is a lovely snapshot of the two fellows.

tera demon's wheel


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