TERA’s Skywatch: New Heights update raises level cap to 70

TERA Skywatch New Heights

Skywatch: New Heights is the new TERA update that should be live by now on PC in North America servers. The highlight is the level cap raise from level 65 to level 70.

But is it that easy? Of course not! To begin, you get the Nightmare Begins quest-line to guide you in your new journey. Field BAMs make an appearance, being much larger than your regular TERA BAMs.

The Skywatch update also adds a couple of new features for improved character customization: Skill Advancement and Gear Fusion. Skill Advancement allows you to improve a skill's performance, unlocking up to three variants of some skills. The Gear Fusion system lets you combine a couple of gear pieces, consuming one of the and resulting in a more powerful item.

Other highlights include 7-player variants of Antaroth’s Abyss, Grotto of Lost Souls, and Dark Reach Citadel, as well as solo variants of Bastion of Lok, Sinestral Manor, and Cultists’ Refuge.

TERA Skywatch New Heights TERA Skywatch New Heights TERA Skywatch New Heights


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