TERA’s new class name announced, it’s not Paragon

A few days ago, TERA was running a poll to name the next class in this MMORPG, but you had to act quick as it was only up for a few days. It seems that many players didn't like the first name that was going around (Paragon) and En Masse decided to offer them five options: Paragon, Moondancer, Sentinel, Valkyrie and Glaivedancer.

And now the results are in and we were certain that TERA players would pick the best name for this female-only class for the Castanic race. The winning name from a poll with over 7,000 entries was Valkyrie, with the runner-up being Moondancer. Anything is better than Paragon or Glaivedancer, we guess.

While we still have to wait for a Valkyrie launch date, En Masse released a new TERA webcomic that you can see below.


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