TERA’s new test server Wonderholme is live, expect the unexpected

“Expect the unexpected!” That is what En Masse is telling players about the launch of the new test server Wonderholme for TERA, which is designed to “test improvements in server configuration and load balancing”, as well as some other crazy stuff, it seems. Some older TERA players may remember the surreal dungeon of Wonderholme and that is where the name for this server came from.

Wonderholme is now open for character creation and play for a limited time and you can expect some “superfast leveling, massively increased reputation awards and enchanting chances (up to +12), reimagined loot tables for all levels of dungeons, triple dungeon drops and more.” However, you should expect wipes as this is a temporary server, and at least one is coming in the next few weeks.

Wonderholme offers no server transfers to or from the server and there are no refunds whatsoever for whatever you decide to buy from the TERA store. And now that you know everything, keep an eye out for this server as you could be taking an early look at some stuff that TERA may end up getting.


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