The Cycle is adding early vehicle prototypes for the next playtest

The Cycle vehicle prototypes playtest

We've praised The Cycle before, but this competitive quest shooter is inevitably early in development. So much so that vehicles are only now being thrown into the mix.

Developer Yager is adding an early prototype of vehicles for the next playtest, which is taking place tomorrow, Friday, June 14, 3 PM CEST (9 AM EDT) until Sunday, May 27 – 9 AM CEST (3 AM EDT).

Obviously, these vehicles are bugged to death and it's unclear if they will ever make it into the game. Personally, I don't miss vehicles when I play, but maybe they could turn out to be a good addition. As for their look and feel, that is another looming doubt, so feel free to help the devs by giving your feedback.

Judging by the small teaser below, it looks like prospectors could be riding some cool Star Wars speeder bikes. Either that or flying logs.

You can sign up for a The Cycle key at the official website.

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