Time bending shooter Quantum League enters Early Access on May 26

Quantum League Early Access

The time bending shooter Quantum League is going to enter Steam Early Access on May 26. This game is developed by Argentine studio Nimble Giant Entertainment for PC, but console versions are in the plans as well.. You can read our Quantum League first impressions to see that there's a great concept and some nice gameplay twist in this competitive first-person shooter.

Featuring 1v1 and 2v2 matches, this shooter makes the best of the somewhat familiar futuristic professional sports setting. The big twist is that each battle is divided into a few stages, with your previous actions being recorded and played alongside your current actions.

For example, you may bring one of your clones back to life if you manage to eliminate your killer. It's not easy to explain and it takes some getting used to, but this is some terrific experimental gameplay that brings the time conundrums into the game in a way that very few games have accomplished.

Quantum League was announced as a free-to-play shooter, but it seems that Nimble Giant is now shooting (pun not intended) for a premium release. The Early Access launch week comes with a 15% discount, but the FAQ states that “The price will most likely increase when we leave Early Access and launch the full game.” We'll reach out to the devs to clear this up.

You can wishlist Quantum League on Steam right now.

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