Twilight Spirits is getting the mandatory Loli class

Netease is busy with Revelation Online but also with a few other MMORPGs, one of them getting ready for the first Chinese beta (Justice) and the other one already playable: Twilight Spirits. This game has already been available in closed beta and while visually it represents a step up from Revelation, the heavier focus on action wasn't for everyone's taste, as it's all been done before and it could get a bit boring.

Anyway, Netease has revealed a new class and while it could be described as a young witch girl, it is clearly the mandatory loli class that this kind of games always seem to have, sooner or later – Moonlight Blade also fell for it, after a request from Nexon Korea.

Will Twilight Spirits come to the west? We wouldn't rule it out, as Netease is looking to expand its portfolio overseas.


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