Vehicular Battle Royale game notmycar is free-to-play, out now in Early Access

notmycar free game steam

Hey, it's not my car, so why shouldn't I wreck it? That could probably be the motto for Skybound Games and NMC Studios' vehicular Battle Royale game notmycar, out today, April 5, 2019 on Steam Early Access. You can play notmycar game for free today.

It's the kind of free Early Access that everyone knows and loves, and until now there was no word on the business model. Now we know that notmycar will be free forever, official launch included. This Battle Royale on wheels should remain in Early Access for at least six months, while the developers add new game modes, improve what's already in the game, polish driving and combat and create an array of in-game items. The plan is also to raise the current number of simultaneous players from 40 to over 75 – the goal is to reach 100 players.

I have played notmycar during one of its previous short tests and had a bit of fun with it. It's not easy to drive and aim at the same time, but ultimately you'll get the hang of it. notmycar desperately needs more vehicles and hopefully time will bring a nice selection of cars to choose from.

Play notmycar for free and let me know what you think.


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