Vindictus new TV spot gets you in a World Beyond

Vindictus (play here) has been around for a while and is generally regarded as one of the finest action MMORPGs ever created. Nexon has done a fine job with it and while there are complaints about a few aspects – aren't there always? – it's still a great game. It's highly likely that you know it already, so you're certainly not part of the target audience that Nexon has design this new TV spot for. The TV ad is called Enter a World Beyond and blends cinematics with a bit of gameplay.

If you're itching on getting back to Vindictus this could be a great time since Season 2 Episode 4 is about to be released. The episode 4 content release will be split into two parts with the first hitting later this month, featuring new raid bosses Lavasat and Ulchas.

Lynn, a new female character was just added to the game last month. She is an exiled princess and now a young mercenary.

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