Warframe’s Fortuna update gets updated with The Profit Taker

Warframe Fortuna update Profit Taker

Updates for updates aren't exactly standard, but this is what happened with Warframe and its awesome Fortuna update. Today sees the PC release of The Profit Taker, the update that finally adds the kick-ass pacifist Warframe Baruuk.

I hate spiders, so it's great to know that this update brings a huge mechanical spider, the Orb Mother, to fight if you want to reach the Profit-Taker atop the Enrichment Labs on the outskirts of Fortuna. Luckily, you will be able to upgrade your Archweapons for this mission. There are three new creatures to save: Sawgaw, Horrasque and Stover.

And then, Baruuk. You know, the Warframe equivalent to John Wick. The new Warframe is a pacifist but all hell breaks loose when he is pushed to the edge. 

You can read more about the Profit Taker update, if you want to learn about additional stuff such as new hairstyles, K-Drive mods and other things.


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