Warframe’s Fortuna expansion is coming to PC in November

Warframe's Fortuna expansion is coming to PC

Warframe's Fortuna expansion is the second open world update coming for Digital Extremes acclaimed shooter. The revolution started with the Plains of Eidolon update and Fortuna will be the second Landscape, with a release planned for November on PC. Console players will have to wait a while longer.

Fortuna takes players to a vast and ruthless Venus wasteland that harbors specialized Corpus units and an alien ecosystem, as well as a mysterious underground region precisely called Fortuna. The developers claim that the new Fortuna map will be four times bigger than the one seen in Plains of Eidolon, so get ready for a lot of exploring.

With Fortuna coming, Digital Extremes is already working on the next big Warframe expansion. Codename: Railjack will take the fight to space.

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