Webzen celebrates Christmas with several events

Webzen Christmas events

Webzen is celebrating Christmas with the 2018 Winter event for its online games MU Legend, MU Online, C9, Flyff, and Rappelz. The event runs between today and January 8, 2019 and offers a tree decorating event, Facebook events and giveaways, in-game events and special offers.

The tree decoration part is right there on Webzen's website. You can collect Candy Canes every day and trade them for decorations. Rewards will be handed out according to the number of Candy Canes that you collected. Save the tree and send it for additional rewards.

Each Webzen game will run a special holiday event, so make sure to check the official website for more info. Finally, Webzen's Facebook page will also offer various prizes for games which include stuff like Mighty Fine Antler, Christmas Gingerbread Man, Master Scroll of Quickness, Competition Box, Goddess's Tears, and Card or Disguise Potions.

We also have a free coupon giveaway for one of the games mentioned above, so go grab your item pack now.


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