World of Speed Early Access announced, back from development hell [updated]

World of Speed Early Access

Update: the release date on Steam was changed to August 23, just a few more days to wait.

Update #2: early access is live today, August 22. They just can't make up their minds!

World of Speed is making a surprising comeback after it went through its very own development hell. Announced early 2014 by famed racing developer Slightly Mad Studios, updates were in short supply until it was quietly sent back to the drawing board in December 2016 – or at least that was when it was publicly revealed. What we didn't know was that this implied a developer switch. Now in the hands of Saber Interactive and Redemption Ark (who?), the World of Speed Early Access is set to begin tomorrow, August 21 on Steam.

Is World of Speed going to keep its promises of a free-to-compete environment and team-based races? Well, the official blurb says it will definitely be free at launch, and things such as Auto-Clubs seem to be part of the game:

“Teams of players – an analog of clans from the usual MMO – will have access to unique club game modes: clubs will fight each other for influence over the territories. Strong clubs will not only receive recognition and respect from others, but also access to unique cars, club garage, car decals and special bonuses.”

Tracks based on real and famous locations from around the world are included, with hidden paths to take advantage of, as well as almost fifty licensed models of famous brands. A sophisticated physics engine should support the racing and you can hire unique NPC specialists for your team, which can be upgraded. These will help you increase the efficiency of cars, reduce tuning costs and access visual styling parts for your cars. This is certainly where the monetization bits come in.

Sadly, there is no new gameplay footage, just a trailer on Steam that doesn't show the actual gameplay. Either way, we're happy to see World of Speed making a comeback and here's hoping that it's the same game that we've been promised a few years ago.

Thanks to False for the tip!


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