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November 15, 2017 3 News

Uh-oh! Marvel Heroes is going to shut down and there may be something at work that we aren’t fully aware of. Could it have to do with the harassment scandal?

November 15, 2017 0 News

The Oracle Elder class is going to appear on Dragon Nest on November 16, which translates to tomorrow. This female melee fighter is a spin-off class of Kali. She is part of the new update that also includes a new… Read More »

November 15, 2017 1 News

After the first gameplay videos, a few interviews appeared on South Korean media and revealed a bit about the making of KurtzPel.

November 15, 2017 0 News

Perfect World and Cryptic Studios have just announced that the Season 14: Emergence is now available for Star Trek Online on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

November 14, 2017 1 News

Gamigo has officially started the closed beta of the free-to-play shooter Ironsight. Those who have purchased a Founder’s Pack are granted instant access.

November 14, 2017 34 Giveaways

Take a bite from our MU Legend Free Starter Pack Giveaway. This pack should give you a nice boost to begin your adventure.

November 14, 2017 0 News

If there’s one thing that I like about the Taiwaneese version of Soulworker, it’s that they regularly release stunning pieces of artwork from this game.

November 13, 2017 0 News

Hyper Universe is about to get a new Hyper this Thursday. Bruce Lee… ahem… Liu is this martial artist character of the assassin class.

November 13, 2017 0 News

Hi-Rez has announced a new Champion coming soon to Paladins: Champions of the Realm. Her name is Vivian, The Cunning and she is a damage class.

November 13, 2017 0 News

En Masse Entertainment has just released Closers on Steam Early Access, which means that you can play this anime brawler right now if you pay.