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Summoners War: Chronicles Review Monster Party MMORPG

From the turn-based strategy of Sky Arena to the real-time strategy of Lost Centuria, the Summoners War franchise just keeps on growing and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down. The next logical step – well, apart from the likelihood of a CCG, but let’s not speculate – would be a full-fledged MMORPG and that’s exactly what Com2uS has been working on with Summoners War: Chronicles for the past few years. With a remarkable number of monsters and a system that has proven popular among players worldwide, embarking on exciting adventures in the Rahil Kingdom is an offer that fans just can’t refuse.

We have played Summoners War: Chronicles before the official global launch on November 10 and it’s easy to see that this action RPG has the potential to become another hit for the renowned publisher. Available on PC, Android, iOS, and with a console release planned for later, this is a cross-platform enable experience that will make the device choice an issue of the past. Summoners War: Chronicles has the scope, the ambition, the diversity, and while there’s a sense of familiarity that is impossible to escape, it’s the clever use of the monsters that take this game to a whole new level.

Summoners War: Chronicles Review | Monster Party MMORPG

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You start by picking up one of the three Summoners: Orbia, Cleaf, and Kina. You must find your favorite class by examining each one’s abilities, which are comprised of healing, magic, and support types. While very important to the outcome of the battles, they must act in a way that complements your monster team, ultimately the cornerstone for success.

Fans of the series won’t be surprised or overwhelmed by the depth showcased in the monsters. Distributed among six classes (Knight, Warrior, Support, Mage, Archer, and Assassin) and falling upon the typical attributes (water, fire, wind, dark, and light), there are over 350 different monsters to summon and use in your 3-unit team, making the choice an incredibly tough one. There’s no secret recipe for success in Summoners War: Chronicles; you can forget about having an all-purpose team when the challenges are so diverse and unexpected. Learning the monsters’ unique skills and anticipating the composition for a particular dungeon, expedition, or arena is what’s going to separate the casuals from the pros.

Monsters can level up, you can upgrade their skills, evolve, and finally awaken them. This is easier said than done, because if you want to check the lovely awakening transformation of a monster into a gorgeous and stronger creature, you’ll need to play your cards right. Road to Growth is the recommended path to earn an assortment of level up, runes, and evolution materials for your creatures and Summoner, a mandatory daily passage if you have the intention to get those power numbers up.

Summoners War: Chronicles Review Monster Team

Summoners War: Chronicles has so many challenges, either PvE and PvP going on that it’s easy to get a bit lost among such a vast offer. It features a host of systems that caters both to casuals who enjoy some idle gameplay, and to those who are looking closely at the competitive side of things, with seasons featuring both asynchronous and real-time arena combat.

Dungeons are a part of the main storyline and add some twists to the proceedings. Your team’s fighting ability will be put to the test as usual, but each dungeon normally brings a gimmick to keep you in check. From destroying specific items or enemies to remove buffs, to using levers to deactivate spikes and other traps, there is always something that adds another flavor to these challenges. While far from being major additions, they are welcome little touches that feel somewhat fresh.

As every MMORPG fan knows, life skills are always part of the adventure. Known here as professions, Summoners War: Chronicles brings four of these: Processing, Alchemy, Cooking, and Blacksmithing. You should only struggle to discover recipes for the Cooking activity – the rest of the professions have very clear details on the composition of each product, so your main task is to actually loot, mine or craft the necessary ingredients. Each profession is divided into various levels, and to level up you must complete the Promotion Request – creating and delivering a specific amount of required items, something that is easier said than done considering the need to collect a significant quantity of resources for this.

Summoners War Chronicles review open world battle

In terms of graphics, Summoners War: Chronicles looks good, with a very colorful anime style that feels charming on PC and perfectly suited to mobile devices. It’s the diversity of the monsters and even the bosses that will mostly catch your eye. Above everything else, it’s an art style that shows some noticeable character in the monster design.

Summoners War: Chronicles has all the makings of a hit, a game that will appeal both to the masses in search for a competent and deep MMORPG, and to the large Summoners War fanbase. Beyond its simple looks lies a game with a very intricate combat system that will encourage the community to share strategies and team recommendations for a long time, with the almost impossible task of reaching a consensus. And that’s all the best for it, as Summoners War: Chronicles is about you – your playstyle, your team composition, your way.

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