Top 10 Free to Play Browser MMORPG 2013

Browser-based games are getting better and better and so it’s no surprise that they’re appealing to more players by the minute. The advantages are obvious, the most important being the immediacy of play, without the need to download a massive client. It’s another great reason to try a free browser game and if it doesn’t stick, just close it and you’re done.

But since we want players to discover the best browser MMORPGs, we decided to create our Top 10 Free to Play browser MMORPG to play in 2012. From hack and slash to casual, there’s something for everyone, so check out the games below.

* This list will be updated regularly.

10 – Hero Smash

Hero Smash is a free browser-based MMORPG set in a world where heroes and villains fight for supremacy. Created by the studio responsible for AdventureQuest Worlds, this is a fun MMO with a cool character editor that allows for very diverse heroes or villains. Expect some crazy objects and powers along with cutscenes to give it the final comic look.
– > Play Now Hero Smash Free

9 – zOMG!

zOMG! is a free casual 2D MMORPG that is part of the Gaia Online social community and one that is widely considered as a reference in the genre. It has more depth than the light anime visuals may suggest, with a rich storyline and a lot of quests to complete. It’s a great place to start and to spend some fun hours before heading for more complex MMO games.
– > Play Now zOMG! Free

8 – Pet Forest (Canaan Online)

Pet Forest is a fantasy MMO with clean anime graphics and a great reputation, much of it due to the gameplay style, with a Pokémon vibe to it. The initial quests offer nothing out of the ordinary but the low difficulty makes this game extremely friendly for new and casual players, smoothing their entry and then offering a polished combination of crafting, pets and turn-based combat.
– > Play Now Pet Forest (Canaan Online) Free

7 – Battlestar Galactica Online

Battlestar Galactica Online pays respect to one of the most famous sci-fi franchises ever and even features the likenesses of some major characters, such as Number Six or Kara ‘Starbuck’ Thrace. This is above all a combat simulator with beautiful 3D graphics, thanks to the Unity engine. There is quite a lot to do, mostly involving customization of your ships, with some cool weapons and other parts.
– > Play Now Battlestar Galactica Online Free

6 – A Mystical Land

A Mystical Land is one of the best 3D browser-based MMORPGs currently available, ticking all the boxes needed for a compelling game. Graphics are fairly good for a game that runs in a browser and there are plenty of quests and activities to keep a player occupied for days. It’s addictive in a casual way, so as long you know what to expect, you’ll enjoy it for what it is.
– > Play Now A Mystical Land Free

5 – Crystal Saga

Crystal Saga is a free-to-play anime-style browser-based MMORPG that looks and plays pretty familiar at first but soon opens up a large range of possibilities that will please any fan of the genre. The interface is clean and controls are intuitive and although it may be aimed at a more casual crowd, it ticks all the right boxes: mounts, pets, crafting, PvP and many more features are part of this MMO game.
– > Play Now Crystal Saga Free

 4 – Free Realms

Undoubtedly one of the best casual MMORPGs out there, Free Realms has a lot to offer to players of all ages, although younger players will surely enjoy it the most. Players can get immersed in the familiar RPG experience and entertain themselves with several mini-games, from racing to cooking. The only drawback is the required monthly subscription for the full content, making it a free-to-play-but-not-quite game.
– > Play Now Free Realms Free

3 – AdventureQuest Worlds

A classic and long-running 2D MMORPG, AdventureQuest Worlds is known for the distinguishing cartoon graphics but also for the overall quality of the adventure. It’s easy to enter the game, there are many quests to try, the huge playerbase is an undeniable plus and the developers are regularly updating the game and listening to player feedback. If only all studios were like that…
– > Play Now AdventureQuest Worlds Free

2 – Drakensang Online

Drakensang Online is a beautiful browser-based MMORPG with a strong emphasis on hack and slash, not unlike the classic Diablo series. This is not the first game that Radon Labs developed based on The Dark Eye pen and paper RPG, but it is their first free-to-play title. The amazing visuals and compelling gameplay are only let down by a slight lack of content – only two classes were available at launch, but two more were planned.
– > Play Now Drakensang Online Free

1 – RuneScape

It’s impossible to talk about browser MMORPGs and leave RuneScape out of the equation. Widely considered the most popular free MMORPG ever, RuneScape has over a decade of existence and more than 10 million active accounts per month. RuneScape offers one of the most compelling casual MMORPG experience ever. It may be the game that everyone loves to hate, but there’s no denying it is the most popular browser MMORPG.
– > Play Now RuneScape Free

Do you agree with our choices? Remember it’s all based on personal opinion and that things can move around fairly quickly. Let us know in the comments section which games you would choose and why.

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