Black Desert Online: Item Shop Overview (OB Korea)

From Asia is a FreeMMOStation show where we show you the most anticipated MMO games from countries such as Korea, Japan and China. In Black Desert Online's Korean open beta we finally managed to browse the item shop, where you'll be able to spend some money in cool items and reward the developers for their hard work. Although there aren't many items yet, you can take a peek at stuff like dyes (to change the tonality of your armor), rename items, cosmetics, some furniture, character slots, and so on.

Pearl Abyss also introduced an in-game cosmetic character editor, similar to the character editor when you create a new character, but with some additional features like extra face presets, hair styles, tattoos, etc… you can only see it after creating your character and it needs to be purchased with the new “pearls” currency from the item shop.

There is a slider to see how the durability visual effects work: right is 100% and left is 0% durability. Now you can see underwear when armor gets destroyed, similar to Vindictus, so we can expect some new underwear releases over time to appease male players 🙂 There are also accessories now, all different for each class except for the glasses.

The item shop uses the usual double currency system like in other games, where you have to purchase the publisher's coins and then use them to purchase the item shop currency (pearls). What this means is that at the moment this is a bit annoying and unclear on how much real money you are paying for each item.

Video by FreeMMOStation editor Rendermax (

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