Dungeon Fighter Online Spectre Update November 2021 Impressions

Dungeon Fighter Online Spectre

Have you been keeping up with everything that is surrounding Dungeon Fighter Online? The classic action MMO is getting frequent updates and preparing itself for the next year in style, not to mention the various spin-offs that Neople has in the works. You know, the action MMORPG Project BBQ, side-scroller MMO Dungeon Fighter Online Overkill, Dungeon Fighter Online 2, one-on-one beat’em up Dungeon Fighter Duel, and… I guess that’s more than enough. But I’ve talked about those in a previous video, and today I’m here because we were invited to discuss the latest Dungeon Fighter Online update, which brings a new advancement class. You can download the game using the link in the video description, go ahead while I go through the latest additions to the game. And we have a Dungeon Fighter Online coupon code just for you guys, you can redeem it to get a cool mount creature. Keep reading to get the code and claim your little dragon friend.

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The update was released on November 23, and I would say that the highlight, purely based on personal bias, is the new Female Slayer character advancement. Called Spectre, this is the fifth advancement for this class, following on the previous Sword Master, Demon Slayer, Vagabond, and Dark Templar updates.

Years go by and the artwork and short cutscenes in this game never cease to impress. The Spectre is incredibly stylish and I’m sure that many of you will consider her the perfect waifu. Her dark and provocative clothes fit her strong and revengeful personality, showcasing her high mobility with the use of wires, and her skilled sword moves, with lightning-fast slashes that trick the eye. As if a new advancement wasn’t enough, she comes with a special event called Song of the Spectre that allows you to level up and earn valuable gear in no time.

Since Dungeon Fighter Online has been around for a few years already and features a host of content, the community often mentions a specific direction for new players. Veteran players say that one should first level up its main as fast as possible, and then create a few alts to enjoy the story and side content. It’s an approach that is meant to take you straight to endgame, where the most appealing rewards are, and that’s why this update also brings a series of events aimed at newbies, to get them up to speed. If you’re lucky and devoted, you may even earn the coveted Mythic gear through this event.

The Newbies Always Welcome Event makes a return and incites veteran players to team up with newbies to show them the ropes across specific dungeons and raids. All players will get benefits and rewards according to their state.

There’s another event, this one called Himan Stella’s Stage Prep. This is more of a musical event, sort of, where you defeat monsters in optimal level dungeons and collect musical notes to exchange for various rewards, including weapon tickets. The Himan Stella musical note shop can give you an idea on what kind of weapons, creatures, and other items you can trade your notes for, including an exclusive weapon avatar. But Himan Stella isn’t just selling stuff; she gives you a few buffs that you should take advantage of – just by cheering you on, you may get an attack speed, casting speed, movement speed, or town movement speed buff.

Apart from these events, you can count on the always appreciated log in events, rewarding loyal Dungeon Fighter Online players.

And now, let’s get to the new Dungeon Fighter Online coupon code. The code is LETS-PLAY-DFOG-2021, offering you a free dragon warrior companion that you can summon in dungeons to help you throughout your journey, with special stats and skills. You may select between the blue Selene and the red Pallas dragons, but I’m fairly certain their stats are the same, it’s just a cosmetic choice.

This is, in a nutshell, the latest update for Dungeon Fighter Online. Some of the younger players may not know what it is all about, so let me tell you. This is a classic beat’em up MMORPG like there were a dime a dozen a decade ago, but most of them fell by the wayside. This game managed to stand the test of time and is praised for its accomplished pixel art graphics, but also for the fast-paced combo-based gameplay that feels like a great homage to those action games that you could play in the arcades, such as Double Dragon and Golden Axe. In comparison, here you have 16 characters to choose from, each one with up to four or five advancements, providing a vast range of identities and playstyles.

Needless to say, the passing of the years brought a lot of lore into Dungeon Fighter Online, so it’s good that you get to learn it because this IP is spreading its grasp in the coming years. As I mentioned before, there are various Dungeon Fighter games coming soon, so I recommend you try Dungeon Fighter Online if you haven’t already, and pay close attention to future releases.

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