Elsword Character Reboot 2019 Impressions – Big Changes Are Coming

Elsword Character Reboot 2019

There’s a revolution coming to Elsword. This long-running game is about to receive a massive character reboot update that transforms its characters and the way that you play them. To play Elsword, you just have to click the link in the video description and download the game.

We are huge fans of anime online games and have covered some of these games in the past, including Elsword, and we have a new Top 10 Best Upcoming Anime Online Games 2019~2020 – in fact, KOG’s newest action game, the great anime brawler KurtzPel, is featured in there.

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But back to Elsword. This is one classic action RPGs that was copied left and right, but very few games managed to capture its essence. It’s a game that doesn’t require a computer with top specs to run and yet it looks good, so that’s a big plus already.

Elsword remains fun after so many years and you can play solo or cooperatively in a party of up to four players. However, there is also a very serious competitive side to it, one that we don’t dare to touch for fear of being brutally humiliated by a community that knows all the ins and outs of every single one of the 13 available characters. All the skills, combos, damage values and so on… you name it, there are many experts out there who know all about it.

However, that may be about to change soon, with a character reboot that will affect all Elsword heroes. This character reboot is something that Elsword players requested for a while and it’s finally coming. While we’re not the greatest experts at this game, we do know that there are some devoted players that are eagerly waiting for the changes, hopefully bringing even more balance to PvP while not detracting from a fun and entertaining PvE.

The character reboot is going to be deployed in four stages during July and August 2019. By now you should be good to try the rebooted Elsword, Rena and Eve characters. On July 31 you get the second character reboot that includes Elesis, Ara and Ain. On August 14 it’s time for Aisha, Raven, Add and Laby, and August 28 will end the character reboot with Chung, Lu/Ciel and Rose.

Elsword Character Reboot 2019 Boss Battle

You should expect to see some skills added, other skills removed, changes to stats and a lot more. Veteran players will be able to evaluate the changes in detail, with some features clearly standing out. For example, all character’s base stats and HP will be set to identical levels, something that in theory will favor more balanced clashes. A focus on a stat for the respective character path is happening, with physical attack paths increasing the physical attack power while reducing the magical attack power. It sounds completely logical and this is one aspect that shouldn’t stir any controversy among the Elsword community. Another logical step is the introduction of new skills for every character path. Other skills will be removed or revamped.

Obviously, making every character look and feel like the rest of them is something that isn’t happening with this reboot, you can rest assured. A lot of the fun in Elsword comes from being able to identify with a specific character and his or her abilities, knowing their weak points and how to counter the other player’s attacks. The reboot may eventually make you enjoy another character more than your previous favorite, but this is all fine and good because the idea is to put everyone on an even footing.

So, are you an Elsword veteran or you still haven’t tried the game? What do you think of the Elsword Character Reboot 2019 and how do you think it will affect the game overall? Who is your favorite character and what are you expecting from the upcoming reboot? Let us know in the comments and if you still haven’t played Elsword, I suggest you do so by clicking the link in the video description – any self-respecting fan of anime games should give it a go! Thank you for watching!

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