Game Duel: TERA vs. Vindictus

In Game Duel, we pit two games against each other in a battle that will be decided by YOU, the players. Current games or upcoming titles will enter a duel that only the best will survive. May the greatest games win!


It's not often that two blockbusters such as these enter in a duel to see which one has the most fans. While TERA is one of the best examples of action combat in an MMORPG, it also shines due to its visuals and open world gameplay. On the other hand, Vindictus is an instance-based action MMO with amazing combat, that some would say is better than TERA's. So, which one will you pick: TERA or Vindictus?

What else can we say about TERA without repeating ourselves? It is regarded as one of the best MMORPGs for years now, free-to-play or not, and the most criticism it gets is that the quests are a bit repetitive – but wait, isn't that problem common to ALL MMORPGs? Anyway, TERA got a new lease of life in December 2014 with the first major expansion Fate of Arun and 2015 is shaping up to be a very rewarding year, with a lot of stuff to come – skycastles to begin in February and a new class (the Arcane Engineer?) a bit later. It's looking good and while there's heavy competition coming (Black Desert and… Yeah, let's go with it, Blade & Soul), this is still one to stay on top for a few more years.

Vindictus isn't exactly as high profile as TERA and there's quite a bit of talk about hackers, bugs and so on. But this is still a top-notch game if you prefer your MMOs instance-based and not open world – believe us, there are many players who prefer “dungeon runners” like this game. But it's also a high quality game, running on the Source Engine, the same that has powered Half-Life 2 and Titanfall, for example. There's a nice level of destructibility to the environment, right now the cast has nine cool characters to choose from (gender-locked, in case you're wondering – sexy Arisha is the latest addition) with great customization  and the boss fights are usually awesome. It is another game that isn't going to die anytime soon.

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