TERA’s next major update brings skycastles and more

TERA players will soon be making castles in the skies with the next major content update planned for February 24, after the expansion Fate of Arun. You'll be able to claim a castle in the clouds via the new Skycastle system, and the update will also focus on guild rewards and group content, including a new 5-on-5 PvP Battleground, Champions' Skyring mark V, and a new airship dungeon, Sky Cruiser Endeavor.

Skycastles are available “to the top-ranking guilds on each server via two new, ongoing four-week guild competitions that track guild points earned from dungeons, battlegrounds, and guild vs. guild battles. Each Skycastle can be customized to offer worthy guilds the ability to personalize their stake in the skies.”

There's also the new dungeon instance set on the airship Sky Cruiser Endeavor and a new hard mode of Bathysmal Rise, the popular underwater instance that arrived with the TERA: Fate of Arun expansion. Dreadspire, a new dungeon instance, is expected to launch in March 2015.

En Masse Entertainment also plans to launch a new gun-toting class, which we predict is the Arcane Engineer. Here's a bit more about the studio's big plans for TERA in 2015.






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