Reverse 1999 Exclusive Interview – Inspirations and Upcoming Versions

Reverse 1999 Exclusive Interview

With the recent release and the resounding reception of Reverse 1999, we managed to ask some questions to the creators of this game. Read on to find out how the acclaimed art style was created, when the new update is coming, and what other content is planned so far in our Reverse 1999 exclusive interview.

FreeMMOStation: Can you introduce yourself and your role in the creation of Reverse 1999?

Bluepoch: Hello everyone, this is the global marketing team of Reverse: 1999. In preparation for this interview, we've engaged with various developers in our development team, including the copywriters, artists, and the chief producer. We would like to give a big thank you to Free MMOStation and our players for your great support!

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FreeMMOStation: How long did the development of Reverse 1999 take, and what is the size of the team working on it?

Bluepoch: As the development team behind Reverse: 1999, Bluepoch has celebrated its third birthday. Our team is continuously expanding and is committed to bringing more engaging content to our players.

FreeMMOStation: Where did you look for inspiration for Reverse 1999’s time-traveling storyline? Any works you looked into, from books to movies or other games?

Bluepoch: Reverse: 1999 aims to present players with a unique world where arcanists coexist with humans and showcase this world's distinctive traits. In the world of Reverse: 1999, arcanists are integral parts of society, propelling the progress and transformation of the era.

Reverse 1999 Exclusive Interview

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FreeMMOStation: Reverse 1999 has this fantastic art style that is both gorgeous and inventive. How was it creating such a beautiful game knowing that you could have made the characters and battle scenes a lot more simple?

Bluepoch: To bring such a world to our players, our creators draw inspiration from a vast array of classics and outstanding works, including but not limited to history, mythology, films, TV shows, novels, games, and more. Our overall artistic style, including music and visual design, is also crafted to showcase this unique world. Through multi-layered, high-quality multimedia creations, we sincerely hope our players may get immersed and enjoy the world of Reverse: 1999.

FreeMMOStation: Do you have plans for sustaining the game in the long run with events and characters? Anything you can let us know right away?

Bluepoch: Reverse: 1999 will continually release new versions of stories at relatively fixed intervals and keep updating the main story. Currently, our devs are preparing for various upcoming new versions, including but not limited to Version 1.6. Please stay tuned for more wonderful content.

FreeMMOStation: Anything else you want to say to our readers?

Bluepoch: Thank you all for your interest and love of Reverse: 1999. Version 1.2 “A Nightmare at Green Lake” will be available on December 7th. The highly anticipated automatic battle system will be introduced. Besides, you may claim abundant rewards in the game, including up to 14 pulls from sign-in events. We are currently working on more new content for the future versions, and we sincerely appreciate your continuous support.

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