Call of Duty Warzone Download | Do You Need Modern Warfare to Play Warzone?

Do You need Modern Warfare to Play Warzone

By now you are either downloading Call of Duty Warzone or already playing it, in case your download speeds are majestic. Activision is on to a winner here with its battle royale spinoff, a free CoD game that learns its lessons from 2019's Black Ops 4 Blackout. We can't stress the “free” part enough, because this is the piece that was missing to make this game go head-to-head with the current hotshots Fortnite, PUBG, and Apex Legends. But sometimes there's some fine print with these games and you need to know exactly what to expect. One of the hot questions right now is do you need Modern Warfare to play Warzone, or can you download it as a standalone game?

Do You need Modern Warfare to Play Warzone? | How to Download Warzone on PC

Do You Need Modern Warfare to Play Warzone

If you have been following Activision's official blog, tons of info has been released on Warzone, including game modes, vehicles, and mechanics. But other things such as download size and requirements were also made available to gamers.

The answer to your question is a straight one: no, you don't need to own Modern Warfare to play Warzone. This is a free standalone download that you have to do from the store, and you should save up over 80GB to install the game.

However, Modern Warfare players have some perks such as having all progress and items carried over from Warzone, and you also gain access to all Operator Challenges. Progress is also saved across platforms, including XP and weapon XP, items, battle pass progress, missions and challenges, and more.

Modern Warfare owners do not have any advantage over Warzone players, since everything is available and with no level caps to both sides. Loadouts, Store items, the Battle Pass System, and the rest is evenly balanced for everyone, in order to make progression smooth and fair.

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