Dragon Raja Ally Friendship Activities | Dating Your Allies

Dragon Raja Ally Friendship Activities

Dragon Raja features an in-depth relationship system where you can grow your affinity with the main NPCs. With so many gamers looking forward to spending quality time with Luminous, Erii, Johann Chu or NoNo, it's normal to wonder how to reach these milestones. The Dragon Raja ally friendship activities put an added flavor into the game, revealing hidden encounters that flesh out the background of each character. Obviously, romancing an NPC is something that everyone is shooting for, but that may eventually take quite some time to happen, if at all. Hey, at least you do get to taste a nice meal with Luminous.

Dragon Raja Ally Friendship Activities Guide

Dragon Raja Ally Friendship Activities Ming Z Lu

As you expand your friendship a.k.a. link points with the different allies, they may invite you for some activities around Cassell College or in other areas of the world map. Even the allies that you didn't manage to draw in the gacha may ask you out on a date or activity, so keep an eye out for your communicator and quest list. Do note that these encounters aren't part of the main storyline, tales or anecdotes, but independent actions that may trigger randomly or based on your link points.

It goes without saying that Dragon Raja has many ally activities for you to partake in, so below you'll find just a small sample of what you can do.


Invites you to spend some time on the hot tub in the Hot Spring Resort.


1. Suggests you to loan him some money for investment, triggering a quest where you can choose to lend him money or not. If you do, Finger will eventually waste all the money and you have to settle things with his debt collector. Choose to play an easy minigame and everything will be solved… except for the money that you gave Finger, that's never coming back.

2. Invites you for dinner, to try a meal that he made himself. You join him in the terrace at Cassell College, where the stubborn, useless waiters are standing. You give a fun and lighthearted opinion on his food and the date ends.

Erii Uesugi

Dragon Raja Ally Friendship Activities

During a comm you'll suggest to watch TV together. Meet Erii at Tsukuyomi Prison and talk with her to travel to Hot Spring Resort. Switch the TV channel to ACG to earn Erii's gratitude and more friendship points.

Mai Sakatoku

Invites you to watch TV with her in Hot Springs Resort. Asks to switch to the news channel because it is more interesting than the other channels.


Invites you for a stroll through campus, which is pretty much taking a photo with her not far from the Anjou statue.

We're going to add every new ally friendship activity in this guide, but if you have any experiences that you are absolutely sure to fit in here, let us know in the comments. Remember to detail it properly and it wouldn't hurt to leave an image as proof.

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