Dragon Raja Car Racing Mini-Game | How to race cars

Dragon Raja car racing event

Dragon Raja is an open world MMORPG for Android and iOS, where you do a lot more than fighting dragons. You have several events at your disposal to keep you immersed in the game, most of them involving some sort of combat. However, there are other options that aren’t that common in an MMO, such as playing basketball or racing cars. If you want to learn more about the Dragon Raja car racing events and to become a great pilot, keep on reading.

Dragon Raja car racing | How to race and win experience points

Dragon Raja car racing tips

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The Dragon Raja world map allows you to check the weather forecast, but it’s also the way to freely move around the different areas. This is how you’re going to be racing like Tom Cruise in Days of Thunder, or close enough, for those who are old enough to get the reference. And no, the Dragon Raja car races aren’t exactly NASCAR, they're more Destruction Derby.

Anyway, click on the world map and in the bottom right corner you’ll see an area called Highway 95. The name sounds like a good indication on what to expect, so click it and then click on the Fast and Furious location. Perhaps this is a wink at the famous racing movie series?

Your character should have been transported to the area. Nearby stands one Mome Natsuki, dressed in a super stylish racing outfit. Talk to her and a couple of options are going to be available: Training and Contest. You can only participate in each one of these events two times a day, so use it wisely.

Training is just that, a good way to hone your car racing skills. You won’t earn any experience points in this option. On the other hand, Contest is where the fun begins, as you are matched with other racers to battle for the top places. The better your position, the more XP you earn.

Pick your car from the available selection, carefully considering the specifications of each one. Do you prefer a car with faster acceleration, better top speed, improved drifting, or a balanced build? Your choice is going to affect how you should handle your vehicle.

Racing is a simple matter of timing your approach to the sharp bends and drifting to make a clean exit. Drifting also gives you a short boost that you should use immediately because otherwise it will go away. Some practice should lead to perfection in no time, and the AI racers are very easy to beat; however, things get way more interesting when you are racing other players.

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