Dragon Raja Classes Guide | All current and future classes

Dragon Raja Classes Guide Puppeteer

Archosaur Games is going to release Dragon Raja in the west soon. The Dragon Raja release date is slated for February 2020, following on the acclaimed Chinese launch that is handled by Tencent. This is a highly anticipated mobile MMORPG crafted with the Unreal Engine 4, featuring amazing graphics and an open world for you to explore with one of the available classes. To know exactly who you should pick at first, here is our rundown on all the Dragon Raja classes.

Dragon Raja Classes Guide | All classes in the Dragon Raja mobile MMORPG

By the time of the Dragon Raja western release, the Chinese version should have six classes revealed. Players in North America and Europe will be able to choose between four classes, with no gender lock whatsoever getting in the way of your selection.

In a quick glance, here are the Dragon Raja classes:

  • Soul Dancer
  • Assassin
  • Blade Master
  • Gunslinger
  • Fighter
  • Reaper (initially known as Scythe)
  • Puppeteer or Puppet Master – Released October 29, 2020
  • Phantom Sound
  • Skateboarder – Released July 22, 2021
  • Floramancer – Released April 28, 2022

The Fighter and Scythe classes, along with the future ones, will be released as additional content. Obviously, there may be a name change due to localization requirements, but their roles should be fairly standard by the current MMORPG tropes.

Soul Dancer Class | Support and Healer

Dragon Raja Classes Soul Dancer

The Soul Dancer is surely the most interesting class of the bunch. They are never alone, as they have a shadow by their side at all times. This class looks whimsical and fragile, but it is a perfect support class, capable of dealing magic damage and lowering the foes' defenses. The Soul Dancer class has other tricks up its sleeve, such as stopping time, teleporting, or turning the enemies into vulnerable yellow ducks who are unable to attack.

Official description:
All Soul Dancers have a shadow form like a twin sister or brother who would never leave their side. Scholars believe that these are actually their reflections from another dimension. Using the abilities to manipulate time and space, Soul Dancers could heal themselves by speeding up time and offer strong support for their teammates.

Assassin Class | Melee and Ranged DPS

Dragon Raja Classes Assassin

The Dragon Raja Assassin class isn't the weak and nimble character that is often seen in other games. Instead of being a sneaky and fragile being, this Assassin comes with high-tech weaponry and clever tricks. A twirling wheel can be thrown at the enemies, and a subsequent teleport will ensure that more punishment will find its way. Assassins deal high damage up close, but they can also protect themselves by using the Crystal Coffin skill, which stops all damage for a few seconds.

Official description:
Equipped with next-gen weapons which combine Dragon Blood and modern technology, Assassins could transform their weapons into different shapes to attack enemies. With their powerful weapons, Assassins could handle very complicated combats. They have two available forms: normal and raid.

Blade Master Class | Melee

Dragon Raja Classes Blade Master

The Blade Master class is the perfect choice if you want to cut and slash through the opposing forces. This class has skills that hit several foes at a time with a swift strike of the sword, dispatching up to five enemies at a time. The Blade Master is the tank class in Dragon Raja, a deadly warrior with fast attacks and strong defense.

Official description:
Anyone who could claim the name of Blade Master are geniuses who could really wield their swords and blade. They always carry two swords by their side, Meitou and Large Tachi. During a combat, they could swiftly change their fighting positions and unleash different skills.

Gunslinger Class | Ranged DPS

The Gunslinger class packs quite a punch… literally. This class brings the heavy arsenal to the fight, deploying landmines, calling out satellite attacks, or even becoming invisible for a brief period of time. Let's not forget about the guns that the Gunslinger class uses all the time, shooting from a distance without worrying about bullet shortage, like the ranged DPS class that it is.

Official description:
Gunslingers are the sharpest hunters on the battlefields. Once they have selected an enemy, there will be no way out. Meanwhile, the Gunslinger also possesses the most luxurious armory – Particle Beam, SPI Landmine, HMG, Tesla Solenoid, and even the Satellite of Divine Judgment.

Fighter Class | Melee

The Fighter class is the brawler of the bunch, delivering a relentless amount of kicks and punches that put many martial arts experts to shame. Fighters also have lightning fast attacks that wouldn't be out of place in the most frantic beat'em ups. However, the most impressive feature is the Titan companion, a huge robot that is not only capable of dealing massive damage, but is also useful to act as a damage sponge.

Official description:
Fighters come from the East, they have been practicing ancient martial arts since childhood, with anagility and strength that ordinary people can not imagine. They travel the world, visit martial arts masters everywhere, in the constant battle to surpass their own limits. Titan is a partner the fighters meet on a lonely practice trip, and in battle the Titan not only provides strong firesupport, but also works with players, unleashes powerful fit skills, and takes damage for the player.

Reaper Class | Ranged

The Reaper is the scythe-wielding class in Dragon Raja, a gothic character with a penchant for black and purple colors. A name change was in order after the consensus from the China version pointed to Scythe (translation also suggests Nightmare), but the essence remains the same. She can teleport backwards for a short distance, while improving her physical defense, and she has a devastating scythe slash attack that hits four spots in front of her.

Official description:
Fighters known as the Nightmare have fought for the White Rose family for many centuries, making the family a powerful organization comparable to the ancient mixed-race family, until the mixed-race was hidden from this world today. They are disguised as magicians, and gothic costumes and gorgeous sickles are their standard, but as soon as a black cat or crow appears, the nightmare has found the object.


Dragon Raja Puppeteer Class

The Puppeteer class comes with a small companion that can be summoned into his pure form, a big and aggressive puppet. The class, which is referred to as Kite as the literal translation, is intrinsically bound to paper and uses it in many of its skills. The Puppeteer manipulates the puppet as it pleases, moving it around the battlefield and causing magical damage. A passive skill reduces the target's magical and physical defense.

Official description:
The descendant of the White King, Si Yan's stumbling block with life, named: Kite. Kite, take the paper and bind your life, and you will be killed in a snap! The puppet moves with the heart, changes vigorously, and evolves the sun, moon and stars. Enemies with kites, trapped in the heart, exhausted in worry, and finally unable to escape the bondage of paper.

Phantom Sound | Support

Dragon Raja classes Phantom Sound Idol

The Phantom Sound is a music-based support class that comes with some attack skills, but its main role is to buff other party members and remove negative effects. This class can heal teammates, a valuable skill that makes it a solid alternative to the Soul Dancer class.

Official description:
The beautiful flowers blooming behind the embers, the singer chasing freedom in the drift, whether it is arranging different instruments to interpret the rhythm, or switching between the two states, all show the bond between the Phantom Sound and its partners. If someone strays into the phantom song, please don't struggle, because you will be lost here forever.

Skateboarder | Melee and Ranged DPS

Dragon Raja Tide class 9th

The Skateboarder (a.k.a. Tide) is the 9th Dragon Raja class and a versatile choice. It is rebelious, doesn't like to follow rules, and uses its baseball bat and crossbow in balanced combat. There's a hint of Harley Quinn to her, in case you choose the female character, and it is bound to please those who are looking for a class based on physical attack and pyro elemental.

Official description:
The rhythm of youth, the tide of life against the current, do not have to follow the rules, just chase freedom, because the new “adversity” has already arrived. The bat wielded by the “adverse tide” is a portrayal of reality, the crossbow that he carries is a struggle against fate, and the skateboard that never leaves the body is a nightmare for every enemy. Never be kind to anyone, it is the last pity left by the “adversity” to the enemy.

The Dragon Raja release date took place in February 2020 for global regions and late May 2020 for SEA territories.

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