Dragon Raja Cyber Hunter Outfit Unlock | How to Get Free Outfit

Dragon Raja Cyber Hunter Outfit Unlock

Do you fancy a brand new and shiny Dragon Raja outfit? Who doesn't, right? Hopefully you grabbed the Dream Guardian outfit that was being offered for free for a short period. But the Dragon Raja Cyber Hunter outfit unlock isn't going to be that easy, requiring some effort to finally lay your hands on this super-stylish and futuristic costume. The orange shine is brilliant, but you can always dye it to your liking, just as it happens with the other outfits. And now let's look at the different ways that you can get the Cyber Hunter outfit.

Dragon Raja Cyber Hunter Outfit Unlock

Dragon Raja Cyber Hunter Outfit Unlock

First and foremost, this outfit is only attainable for players of level 80 and above. Occasionally, you reach this threshold where you get to claim a costume through hard work, and this is one of them.

There are two ways to obtain the Cyber Hunter outfit. None of them is miraculously instant, but in time you should earn the required amount of items to trade for the outfit. The Cyber Hunter outfit costs 3600 Scorch Emblems, but it is a permanent purchase and entirely worth it, adding 1000 Beauty points to your rating.

The easiest way to get the Cyber Hunter outfit is to use your career points and trade them in for the required Scorch Emblems. Hopefully, you're betting on your Superstar, Cuisines or Open Shop career, something that gives you career points. Go to your inventory, click “Change” on the right side of the screen, and find the “Career Points” option. Click on the small shopping cart and trade them for ID cards, as many as you can. Since there is a weekly limit, it will take a few weeks to get to the amount that you need.

With those ID cards in hand, go to Cassell College and find Ghali Biol (262,325). You can trade these ten times each week for BG Emblems and Scorch Emblems, with the latter being what interests us now. Do it every opportunity that you get.

The other way to earn Scorch Emblems is by participating in the PvP events Day of Liberty and Snowmoon BG. This is something that you should be doing anyway, as those EXP points don't come easy when you're nearing level 90.

With this knowledge and starting right from early level 80, you should have saved enough Emblems after a few weeks to redeem the Cyber Hunter outfit – just press “Unlock” in the wardrobe and you will be taken to the shop owner in Cassell College, where you can purchase it.

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